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The Student Council (生徒会; Seitokai) is similar to Student Councils at regular schools. Each student council always includes a Student Council President (生徒会長; Seitokai Chou) who acts as the "leader" of the group.

Each year, the Student Council is usually formed of the graduating class of the year, except during 2010 and 2011 Nendo.

Current Student Council

2020 Nendo
Position Name Image
10th President Kokona Nonaka SG20 Nonaka.jpg
3rd Vice President Miki Yagi SG20 Yagi.jpg
7th Talk Chairman Sana Shiratori SG20 Shiratori.jpg
2nd Spirit Chairman Miku Tanaka SG20 Tanaka.jpg
4th Education Chairman Neo Sato SG20 Sato.jpg
3rd Performance Chairman Miko Todaka SG20 Todaka.jpg
PR Chairman Yume Nozaki SG20 Nozaki.jpg
Reckless! Chairman Sakia Kimura SG20 Kimura.jpg

Former Student Councils

2019 Nendo
Position Name Image
9th President Kano Fujihira KanoGrad.jpg
2nd Ganbare!! Chairman Soyoka Yoshida SoyokaGrad.jpg
2nd Hamidase! Chairman Tsugumi Aritomo TsugumiGrad.jpg
6th Talk Chairman Momoe Mori MomoeGrad.jpg
2018 Nendo
Position Name Image
8th President Yuzumi Shintani YuzumiGrad19.jpg
5th Talk Chairman Maaya Asou MaayaGrad19.jpg
1st Hamidase! Chairman Marin Hidaka MarinGrad19.jpg
2nd Performance Chairman Kano Fujihira KanoGrad.jpg
3rd Education Chairman Soyoka Yoshida SoyokaGrad.jpg
2017 Nendo
Position Name Image
7th President Aiko Yamaide Graduates idx yamaide.jpg
4th Talk Chairman Megumi Okada Graduates idx okada.jpg
Ganbare Chairman Momoko Okazaki Graduates idx okazaki.jpg
2nd Education Chairman Maaya Asou MaayaGrad19.jpg
2016 Nendo
Position Name Image
6th President Sara Kurashima Sara Kurashima.jpg
2nd Vice President Aiko Yamaide Graduates idx yamaide.jpg
MC Chairman Mirena Kurosawa Mirena Kurosawa.jpg
2015 Nendo
Position Name Image
5th President Rinon Isono Rinon Isono.jpg
1st Education Chairman Saki Ooga Saki Ooga.jpg
3rd Talk Chairman Saki Shirai Saki Shirai.jpg
2014 Nendo
Position Name Image
4th President Moa Kikuchi Moa Kikuchi.jpg
Production Chairman Yui Mizuno Yui Mizuno.jpg
Spirit Chairman Hana Taguchi Hana Taguchi.jpg
2nd Talk Chairman Yunano Notsu Yunano Notsu.jpg
2013 Nendo
Position Name Image
3rd President Marina Horiuchi Marina Horiuchi.jpg
1st Performance Chairman Raura Iida Raura Iida.jpg
1st Talk Chairman Nene Sugisaki Nene Sugisaki.jpg
Mood Chairman Hinata Sato Hinata Sato.jpg
2012 Nendo
Position Name Image
2nd President Suzuka Nakamoto Suzuka Nakamoto.jpg
1st Vice President Marina Horiuchi Marina Horiuchi.jpg
Vice-Vice President Raura Iida Raura Iida.jpg
2010 Nendo - 2011 Nendo
Position Name Image
1st President Ayami Muto Ayami Muto.jpg


  • Ayami Muto is the only member who occupied the same position twice.
  • Out of the entire group, Ayaka Miyoshi, Airi Matsui and Mariri Sugimoto have never been part of the council.
  • Unlike other years, 2020 Nendo is the only year to have all current members of Sakura Gakuin be a part of the council too.