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Sakura Gakuin(さくら学院; meaning Cherry Blossom Academy) was a Japanese idol group created in April of 2010 with 8 members. Comprised of female elementary school students and middle school students selected from Amuse Kids with a theme of school life - including club activities. They must graduate from the group once they complete compulsory school education around March.

The group officially disbanded on August 31, 2021, holding their final live on August 29.


2010 - 2011 Nendo

They held their first performance with 10 members in TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2010, August. In December of that same year, they had their major debut with their first single "Yume ni Mukatte". In April of 2011, they released their first album.

2012 - 2015 Nendo

As of 2013 Nendo all original members graduated but as of 2014 Nendo all members present for debut have graduated. 2017 Nendo were the last group to have members who had been in the same group as the members present for debut.

During 2015 Nendo, the group held their 5th anniversary with a School days Music Video to celebrate the occasion.

They also held a live on December 5 and 6 to commemorate their 5th anniversary. This live was called "Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary LIVE ~for you~".

2016 - 2020 Nendo

Due to Covid-19, a graduation ceremony for 2019 Nendo wasn't held for March 2020 and instead postponed for an online ceremony on August 30. On August 31st, the group announced that 2020 Nendo will be the final year, with the remaining 8 members to graduate together on August 31, 2021.


Sakura Gakuin has had 4 uniforms since their creation. They have 2 different types of uniforms. One summer uniform and one winter uniform. Middle school students wear ties while elementary school students wear ribbons.

2020 Nendo
Years Description Image
2010 (Pre-debut) This uniform was used before their official debut. It had a black blazer with multi colored ties or ribbons. They wore a black pleated skirt but inside was a checkered design with black knee high socks. Inside their black blazer is a white jumper with a white collared shirt for elementary school students while the middle school students wore a black jumper. SakuraGakuin2010.JPG
2010 - 2012 nendo This uniform had a navy blazer with red ties or ribbon which had their logo on it. It now consisted of a red pleated skirt and navy knee high socks which had their logo at the sides.

Their jumper now had a red neck line with green outlines.

2010 Nendo SG.jpg
2013 - 2015 nendo This uniform had a beige blazer but it now has a blue pleated wrap skirt. Their jumpers, ties and knee high socks are still the same as the previous years uniforms.

Their summer uniform is similar to their usual uniform but without the blazer.

2016 - 2018 nendo The only change made to this uniform is similar to the previous years uniform. They now have a grey blazer with a navy pleated wrap skirt which has red highlights. Their jumpers, ties and knee high socks are still the same as their debut uniform.

Their summer uniform is slightly different with a blue collared shirt and a blue wrap skirt with green highlights.

2019 - 2020 The last uniform blazer was a deep blue color.

For the skirt, it was a navy pleated skirt with white and red accents. Their jumpers, ties and knee high socks were still the same as their debut uniform.


Student Council

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School Years

Like a normal school, Sakura Gakuin are split into different school years or Nendo (年度), beginning with 5th-grade elementary school to 3rd-year middle school (although not every year may include students in these years).


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  1. Unlike the western world where you're the graduating class of the actual year you graduate, Japan uses the year you entered the final year.
    • If you joined your 3rd year of middle school in April 2020, in Japan, you are the class of 2020 and not 2021.


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2018 Nendo Sana ShiratoriKokona NonakaYume Nozaki
2019 Nendo Neo SatoMiko TodakaSakia Kimura

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